SC-CNC Contour Grinding Machine


The machine model SC are designed to perform a contour grinding on the edges of knives, forged knives, scissors, gardening tools, flick knives, sables, swords and hand tools.

The process consists of passing the pieces placed in a clamp on the tangential face of the contact wheel of the sanding belt. The machine executes one or more passes with the geometry of the workpiece until the edges are perfectly rectified.

Which parts can be worked on SC-CNC?

knives scissors sables swords flick knives hand tools
[dt_vc_list]Two versions of the machine SC-CNC are available, está disponible en dos versiones, according to the diameter of the contact wheel:

  • SC1-CNC contact wheels between 100 and 200mm.
  • SC2-CNC, contact wheels between 25 and 100mm.
  • Width of contact wheels: 200mm.
  • Length of sanding belts: 3.000mm.
  • Maximum sanding length: 600mm.
  • Power of sanding motor: 15 Kw / 20 Hp.
  • Fastening of workpieces by chargers 180mm wide.
  • Fastening of chargers to the machine by pneumatic lock.
  • Programming of the workpiece profile by CNC (2 axis).




  • The bench, extremely rigid, is made of ST52 steel electro welded.
  • Carriers are mounted on hardened and grounded guides and bearings, protected against dirt and vapor.
  • Ball screws, tempered, high precision, protected against vapor.
  • Automatic lubrication for spindle and guides with programmable oiler.
  • Grinding wheel die head mounted over super precision bearings, oversized.
  • Sanding power transmission by v-belts.
  • High finishing quality and high precision.
  • CNC controller with 2 interpolated axis.
  • Easy programming of digital controllers.
  • On-line connection from TEMECA for repairing and checkin the status of the machine.
  • AC Motor, maintenance-free for CNC axis, digital drivers.
  • High speed of CNC axis in no sanding movements.
  • Cooling equipment for grinding wheels with water closed circuit.



  • Epoxy primer with anti oxidation.
  • Polyurethane finish paint with high temperature drying. Usual colors RAL7035 and RAL6011.
  • Parts exposed to continuous cooling or handling are treated with hard chrome or similar treatment.



  • Electronic probe for data acquisition.
  • Equipment for cleaning sludge by magnetic separators.
  • Variable speed drive for sanding belt.


Our machines meet CE safety regulations in force. So, our company guarantees the safety conditions for employees in the workplace.

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The machine will be transported inside a wooden box , treated according to the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures ISPM No. 15 where appropriate.

The goods will travel palletized , always with a pallet that meets the regulations of the destination country.

Also, the machine will be secured with protective elements to ensure that arrives in perfect condition at the hands of the customer.


The machine, depending on its size, the destination and customer needs, can be transported by land, sea or air.

The shipping Incoterm is Exworks.