About us

  • Our Company

    Our journey begins in 1963, when José Osorio Martínez founded the company OSORIO MAQUINARIA; precisely in the town of Albacete, the cradle of Spanish cutlery industry.

    This family company was dedicated for several years to the manufacture of industrial machines for the cutlery business.

    Fifty years later, we continue designing and manufacturing polishing and grinding machines for machining knives, scissors and other tools.

    Time and hard work have made us grow. As a result, now we are experts on sharpening machines for knives, scissors, circular knives, mincing plates and knives, cutter and flat knives, among other popular tools in the food industry.

    Since 1975, we export machines with our brand, TEMECA, to a large number of countries. Day after day, we keep on updating our technology and striving to satisfy our clients.

  • We are Customer Oriented

    The main aim of OSORIO CONSTRUCCIONES MECÁNICAS S.L. is to fulfill the client expectations, developing safe and efficient machines and equipments.

    Our products are accurately manufactured to fit the customer requirements. Our job is helping our clients to achieve their quality and production goals.

  • Research and Development

     Our company is constantly working on improvement, researching new materials and processes in order to optimize our products.